tsitaat Rõõm on armastus selle suhtes, mis on. Kurbus aga armastus selle suhtes, mida ei ole. tsitaat Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

My notebook

I wish I could tell you face to face
But my notebook is the only place
To freely let my feelings flow
And not worry about just letting go
I can tell of my crush on these pages
Without any rush or gradual stages
I can be bold... my secrets' protected
No worries of "NO" and feeling rejected
It's a one sided... conversation
Just me my pen and sexual frustration
I sometimes wish any love would do
Then it'd be easy... but I fell for you
And boy did I fall... extremely hard
My hearts' become a hallmark card
And the words inscribed are pure and true
The problem is ... I wish you knew
My notebook is the only place
You'll find the mask pulled off my face
Where the truth stands till the end of time
I love you ... and I wish you were mine!!

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  • Lisatud: 26/02/2013 15:05
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