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Our last

My heart beats fast
Here you were at last
One last time
Our final goodbye
I had to make it quick
Even though we've already been through this
My hand warm on the back of your neck
Forehead to Forehead
A share of our breaths
I inched you in closer and closer
Trying to steal one last kiss
You started to pull back your head
I begged
You let out a breath
And touched my face
"I still love you"
Were the words i was dying to say
Two kisses
It was done
My whole body was starting to go numb
You kissed my forehead
And looked into my eyes
"It'll be alright" you said
I just buried my head in your chest
I touched your face
Then looked at your lips
I can't believe its ending like this
Your brown eyes stared into mine
I held you one last time
That was our last and final Goodbye

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