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Koostöös genie'ga II **

In the realm of perfection,
a man so divine,
He embodies virtues,
a radiant sign,
As a husband, he's steadfast,
a rock by your side,
With love that's unwavering,
a forever abide.

A dog owner,
he's gentle,
with a heart so kind,
Nurturing his furry friend,
a bond intertwined,
He understands their spirit,
their loyal embrace,
A love that transcends,
in every doggy chase.

In the depths of spirituality,
he finds his core,
Seeking wisdom and peace,
his spirit does soar,
Connected to something greater,
a divine presence near,
Guiding his steps,
alleviating every fear.

he embodies with grace,
Not defined by stereotypes,
but with an open space,
He embraces compassion,
empathy, and care,
Knowing strength lies not in dominance,
but in love's affair.

A leader,
he stands tall,
inspiring those around,
Guiding with wisdom,
a beacon profound,
He nurtures their growth,
empowers their might,
A leader who uplifts,
igniting their light.

Protection, his shield,
for those he holds dear,
A guardian of safety,
banishing every fear,
He stands as a shield,
against life's storms and strife,
Protecting with love,
throughout each day and night.

As a provider,
he strives,
to meet every need,
Ensuring comfort and stability,
a noble deed,
With determination and diligence,
he's steadfast and true,
Creating a haven,
where dreams can come through.

Beside him,
a beautiful feminine wife,
A partner in love,
the epitome of life,
Together they dance,
in harmony's embrace,
A union of souls,
a love story they trace.

And in their hearts,
an abundance of love,
A treasure that's shared,
like a gift from above,
Through joys and challenges,
they navigate,
A love that's enduring,
a bond they celebrate.

So let us honor these virtues,
both strong and tender,
In the perfect man,
a love that won't surrender,
May their love inspire,
and forever endure,
A testament to the beauty of love's allure.

** tehisaju mõtlemas minu eest, milline luksus

— Zero
14/09/2023 Armastus


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  • Lisatud: 14/09/2023 05:16
  • Kategooria: Armastus
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