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There is a place for us

Can´t you see that you mean all the world to me
Without you my heart is like a dying flame
But for me day in day out love is just a mystery
I´m just your friend but not your man
How many times I cried a river of tears endlessly
Girl,I can´t stand the heartache and pain
And how many times before I was so blind to see
I told you once but I tell you again

There is a place for us,a place behind the sun
Where I´ll be with you tonight
There is a place for us where we´ll be alone
It´ll be hard to say goodbye

There is a place for us,I love the way you are
Breaking up will be hard to do
There is a place for us,you are like a star
Without you alone and blue

And I´ll be there if you´ll ever change your mind
So sure we can make it better if we really try
Don´t throw away a miracle,love is hard to find
But I´m too proud to beg,too proud to cry
Love is a sacrifice,breathless love painted in blue
Every moment without you kills my heart
It´s true my world begins and ends with you
It was true right from the start

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  • Autor: DarkMystery
  • Lisatud: 29/04/2013 19:48
  • Kategooria: Igatsus
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