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The river of fear

I believe in dreams that can become real,
But they live beside the river of fear.
They are always on the other side
And the river is not narrow, it’s very wide.

It’s not filled with water,
More like lava only hotter,
Seasoned with tears from the past
And blood from your broken heart.

It doesn’t just take a thick layer of skin,
But understanding, accepting within
Of who you are and then a little bit more
To ever be able to reach the other shore.

Buying a swimsuit is not the first step,
Because the control tap is over the trek.
You must jump in and defeat your retreat.
Strong ones will live, weak ones get beat.

And when drowning seems easier than carrying on,
Think how you would feel with all the love gone.
Life isn’t about being brave enough to dream,
It’s about turning your river of fear into a small stream.

Eva Pärnits

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Eva Pärnits

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