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The Wasteland

Time isn\'t wasted when you\'re getting wasted,
woke up today and all I could say is:
That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it,
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked.

If you’re the state, then you’re the land,
the world, on your knees, you don’t stand.
So yes, it is a wasteland,
Up to mouth goes the hand,
everybody, minus some, all seduced,
minds go about, they wander loose.

The most wanted is the driver’s seat,
Obama, Ki-moon, Elizabeth the Queen.

Cry, laugh, fight, do awsome things,
arms replaced with feather wings,
but, oops, they’ve got it wrong -
each has to deal with only one.

Blame it on the bubbles
and on the rock’s, \'cause it was double.
The bigger the number on the label,
The sooner under-the-table.
Blasted, blind, blitzed, blotto,
it’s recorded, archived, on the photo.
Far from all wearing pink glasses,
rather going out and skipping classes.
Forty fucking D’s, that\'s all,
legless pie-eyes nod in awe.

When Voodoo dolls take a dive,
the toasted never again smile.
Katrina, Lisa, Julia, Nicole,
please, ladies, you leave me cold.
Appearantly we disagree -
different tunes, same melody.

The Simpsons, time loses track,
the shickered get a six-pack.
The colours and faces and theme,
then painting froggies green.
Appearantly we disagree -
you like sneakers, I like heels.

Open window, take a step,
for the tanked - one flying mint julep.
Oh, bobby’s there in the street,
stand, I’ll shoot you in your feet.
Appearantly we disagree -
guys must pay, girls are free.

Shit-face, go fly a kite,
I would but it’s pointless to have a fight
with you,
and your friends too.


kosmoset2nav 03/07/2011 [Inglise keel]
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