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Mister X

He reminds you when its time to take a break
he will take you where the sun is shining
for your sake
And you pack your bag and quickly make a cake
just to assert yourself that he is not a fake
He will help you with your coat and open doors
He will even make his way through iron gate
Where the others shake their head he says „Of course“
cause for him you're plainly matter of first rate
And you're wondering if
He's just a fantasy, he is a fiction
he's a male from other space
Its hard to give an adequate depiction
although everything falls into place
The image of the menfolk once in a while so bitter
unwittingly then takes another form
As in private conversations unfolds a heavy hitter
outward sedateness conceals indwelling storm
It's not what you are used to
although it's what you deserve
for once you're disabused
however womanly unnerved
He is phenomenal, he's a relict
In contrast he's noumenal, the mister X
-Tiina Nuum-

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