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I’m not the one who easily forgets
Don’t know you much but figure neither you
Of course it somehow happens step by step
But hits you then again out of the blue

Still think about that very special eve
The feeling that this night just never ends
We had just met and then you had to leave
Still heard a bit of you among your friends

As foolish or as witty it may sound
I always used to jog and think of you
it gave me strength to make another round
while Frank was singing „Fly me to the moon „
The finnish made my way to you
I haven’t used it since
But when we have a beer or two
We’ll make a language-mince

I’ll tell you earnest „I geak sperman“
you break into laughter
You’re laughingly the finest man
In this world ever after

I don’t know if I meet you in Berlin
in Helsinki or Tartu or in France
I only know the world will be whirling
And we will have our yet another chance

So long I only meet you in my sleep
I like the fact that there is no Surveillance
We run through storm the rain is ankle-deep
Yet nothing in this dream is in the balance

And when we meet just look me in my eyes
That charming look will blow my mind away
We both know it’s a blessing in disguise
But still I want to feel again this way

Just name the time and place
And I will be there at a glance
I’m flexible in space
you know I am a freely-lance
for one day leave the rat race
let us through the springtime prance
your hands in mine I’ll trace
Just let me have another dance
-Tiina Nuum-

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