tsitaat Kõrv ava kõigile, suu vähestele. tsitaat William Shakespeare

Shared the nights and cigarettes

When I first saw you in that restaurant
Thought you were acting pretty arrogant
I didn’t find you first that elegant
But it was very soon irrelevant
Cause I don’t want to be a lady
I think I’m rather a ladette
As the moments of false modesty were fading
I found another packet cigarettes

We shared the nights and cigarettes Not one of those I don’t regret Not one of those I won’t forget I keep in mind your silhouette

Up in the hotel room, down by the river
Irrespective of the clime extremely warm
The first night already you gave me the shivers
And the second night an overwhelming storm
-Tiina Nuum-
Day by day I liked you more and more
You entrusted me with others, I was dying
When I was smoking all alone on our shore
In the still of night the Daugava was crying

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