tsitaat Sest hullumeelne, armunu, poeet — kõik ainult kujutlusist koosnevadki. tsitaat William Shakespeare


I hate the categories like
Something’s wrong and something’s right
I don’t know neither law nor moral
Don’t go by bible or by choral.
I want the life to be in flower,
To „carpe diem“ every hour.
We’re rational and get things done
But when it comes to having fun
We do not act as is our due
and deviate from habitude
Skipping acroanesthesia
of felinophiles
yet in our rhapsodys
we can feel the vibes
What i don’t like is insincereness
And with this song i’ll try to be less:
Was scared that some day i’d back out
Like young and temerous boyscout
A total fool when there’s a drill
But under fire feeling ill
was scared that some day couldn’t cope
my own or someone else’s hope
that was the chorus of this song
which vanished into air before too long
The chance to be your lovely muse
Still keeps me steadily amused
I love to be your inspiration
The whole show in your sweet creation
Release the parrot out of hutch
and let your bird fly free
In this life there is so much
More beauteousness to see
-Tiina Nuum-

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