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Have a little self-discussion..

When you sit in your dark, silent room,
thinking you've failed everyone around you.
You may lose the light which guides you home,
or the person who gives you what you know.

How do you manage to hide your scars,
your face and red eyes from your dad/mom?
They love you more than words can say,
or is one of them who's tearing you away?

There's always a way out of this place
darker than the ebony black ground.
It's called life within the reality checks,
Is it much harder than it sounds?

No, it's not. You just have to believe.
But how, when everything is so unsteady?
Listen, that's not your only way to find relief,
So why hurting yourself when they do it already?

You are not a monster, you're not a freak.
you don't deserve all the pain you receive,
take a deep breath and give yourself a break.
You're a human, just imperfect human-being.

Yeah, so, you have made a few mistakes,
Show me one person who hasn't.
It doesn't make you worth all the pain,
You're torturing yourself in vain.

No other person can save you from yourself,

You just have to try and don't you dare to give up.



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