tsitaat See, kes armastab ennast, ei pea kartma rivaale. tsitaat Ladina vanasõna

Now I know, it ain`t Love

Sweet, You can be so sweet,
Is there anyone sweeter, than You?
Show me more of that
I wanna feel more,
This pain is not enough for me,
I like pain, like to be used and swept floor with
Oh, how I`d like to be Your mop.

Use me more, mess me up, make me want You more
Then muster everybody You know and laugh at me
Oh yeah! I want to feel the pain in vain
Feel free to gain my Love and care
But later on, when You get tired of bleeding me,
I`ll be strong and will walk away, away from pain, I do not deserve!

-Janek V.

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"Don't think, Feel!" BruceLee

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