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Faith & Hesitation

Everyone in real relationships
Say that they miss being free.
That they love their honies to bits
But single life is good indeed.
You get to be your own boss,
Go do what your heart desires.
It’s a paradise on Earth cos
Riding solo never expires.

But what if you’ve been strolling alone
Throughout your life, which has been fun
And get thinking, what if your tombstone
Will sit on it’s own when you’re done.
It would be a sad grave
To have your body thrown in
Cos in your life, no-one was as brave
To have you as their virtue and their sin.

I shouldn’t even consider
This happening to me
Cos life, no matter how bitter,
Has love in store for me.
There is no other way, right?
I’m young and full of dreams
And everyone’s had to put up a fight,
Happiness comes later it seems.
We all get there one day,
One for each, the duality.
Just a matter of how much you stray
Before you reach the infinity.

But what about the ones
That couldn’t climb the mountain,
Whose life ended without sons,
Whose happiness wasn’t counted?
Who chose to leave them out,
Who was to know they’d never?
I bet there was time they used to count
Till the days they’d start sharing „forever“...

Remember, when I’m with you,
I’m still somewhat lonely inside.
Not because I choose or aim to,
And maybe you’ve told me plenty of times
About how much you think of me and care.
But when you leave before long,
I will not believe a word you’ve said
And presume you were lying all along.

Eva Pärnits

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Eva Pärnits

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