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Live up to your dreams

Everyone desires to be popular
and the ones that don’t, lie to themselves.
A human by nature wants to please
whoever is around and does so by all means.
Though once caught up in the belief,
that everything around is cheap,
They close their eyes to their destiny,
for their conscious, it’s too big of a mystery,
and life goes on in a shallow pond,
without ever reaching the open sea or beyond.
The individual identity gets cremated,
and that’s how mainstream is created.

Live up to your dreams, not what they expect,
that’s how you’ll earn your self-respect.
Though remember to take one step at a time,
Just so you wouldn’t get stuck in your own mind.

Eva Pärnits

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Vali teema: life
Eva Pärnits

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  • Autor: Effu (Eva Pärnits)
  • Lisatud: 05/05/2011 18:13
  • Kategooria: Inglise keel
  • Vaatamisi täna: 43
  • Vaatamisi kokku: 1980



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