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A Heart Full Of Little Fluffy Butterflies

I have poison in my veins,
I feel it pumping, I’m not the same.
My heart keeps whispering your name
And you can hear it but you’re oceans away.

How do you read my soul?
I thought it was secret, you know...
As a day into a night you’ve grown
Close to my heart, where wind used to blow.

I’m sorry but your eyes
Look like the starlit skies.
You bring a fire into mine
And my heart is full of little fluffy butterflies.

I smile and I smile
Thinking back to our time.
Your kisses, unable to deny,
Give me my wings to fly.

I’m scared to feel this way,
Not going to lie.
I want you, want you to stay,
Not for this magic to die.

I’m sorry honey, your eyes
Look like the starlit skies.
You light a fire inside of mine
And my heart is full of magic butterflies.

Eva Pärnits

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Eva Pärnits

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  • Autor: Effu (Eva Pärnits)
  • Lisatud: 15/09/2011 12:52
  • Kategooria: Inglise keel
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  • Vaatamisi kokku: 1827



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