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My dream

What're my biggest dreams..?
My dream is to be with you,
to be by your side,
cuz I love you so much.

I have so many daydreams,
I wish to get married with you,
I wanna live with you,
cuz you mean everything to me.
We have so many good memories,
you are very dear to me,
you have a place in my heart,
you're my heart and soul.

I can't live without you,
I can't be there, where you don't exist.
We make each other feel good and laugh,
we are always there for each other.

We're never alone.
Your perfect for me,
every night I dream your still here.
I wish to see you there.

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Alrora ShadowLock

Olen poetess ja mulle meeldib luulet kirjutada, kõik luuletused on elust ennesest, kõik mida tunnen, näen ja läbi elan :D

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  • Lisatud: 21/01/2018 23:50
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