tsitaat Sa ole lahke, aga mitte libe. tsitaat William Shakespeare


The artist does not himself necessarily agree with the opinions and beliefs expressed in the following text. Any and/or all statements regarding truth, reality, God, etc should be viewed as narrative contrived by the artist for entertainment purposes only. The artist hereby disavows his own personal responsibility for any paranormal activity related to the listening of this album. The listener listens at his own risk and will hopefully have a safe, yet fun and expansive, trip. The characters in this album are very real and reside inside a space time continuum known as "the artist's head". The artist solemnly guarantees that you will love them in addition to the assurance that the preceding statement was a lie

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Maarjo K

Vabanemine Teadaolevast Kotka Lennu Ainus Suund Seistes Silmitsi Maailma Kriisiga.

...once a Queen..always a creep.

  • Autor: Mäster Kuus (Maarjo K)
  • Lisatud: 18/05/2018 05:19
  • Kategooria: Inglise keel
  • Vaatamisi täna: 3
  • Vaatamisi kokku: 443


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