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The raven part 2

While all the world but you is asleep
the silence will be creeping in.
You'll feel the darkness flowing
through some cuts really deep within.

You've come to find the world
too dreary.
To have stayed this long, feels
waste of soul.
Will raven's croak stop this scary
or will your
demise be whole?

You've come to find your
soul apart
tonight a deed has to be done.
A shattered heart is still
a heart
For deciding your fate you are
the one.

You´ve felt the wind of rope
the wintry breath of grim.
You've seen the final piece of hope
that's lost in night so dim.

You've heard the raven croak
she´ll guide you out this way.
you've let your loneliness soak
but soon it's light of day.

The raven the dawn will take
her wings can never return.
You she'll never mean to forsake
love's a candle that fervently burns.

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