tsitaat Ja ilu näitab silmile ju end liig veenvalt, et ta suuri sõnu vajaks. tsitaat William Shakespeare

forbidden story

These words, which he then said,
then the next moment all that was swept away.
These moments, which he stored all of my
when the mind is all the words on my lips the way to go.

These wishes, which he held
if all that was lost and now I am standing in the rain.
These cries in him, which said only one,
when I did not listen to the raindrops and stupidly gave up.

Those of his beloved, innocent eyes that won me all
if I no longer lived in darkness and the light is seen.
These three words came to his lips to me,
when I just looked and hand splurge.

Those of his steps, the smallest made ​​me wonder
when I have tipped over and the tears poured.
They want to be prohibited, which is in me,

if it goes through me every day knowing
that you belong never-ever to me!

Ingrid Madreia S.

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Ingrid M. Susi

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