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Life is a deception with bewitching longing

Life is a deception with bewitching longing
That’s why she’s so strong
What with your rough hand
Fatal writes letters.

I always close my eyes
I say: “Only disturb my heart,
Life is a deception, but sometimes it is
Decorates with joys a lie.

Face the gray sky
Fortune telling on the moon
Calm down mortal and don't demand
The truth that you do not need. "

Good in bird cherry blizzard
To think that this life is a path
Let the easy friends deceive
Let easy friends change.

Let me caress with a gentle word
Let the tongue be sharper than razors, -
I live long ready for everything,
Ruthlessly used to everything.

These heights chill my soul
No heat from starfire.
Those whom I loved renounced
Who I lived - forgot about me.

But all the same, cramped and persecuted,
I, looking at the dawn with a smile,
On a land close and dear to me
Thank you for this life.

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