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Lips of an angel

i almost drank my life away
i couldn´t stand another day
with all this guilt i feel.

i almost put a bullet
between my own two eyes.
You couldn´t see but i´m
a real self-loather inside.

I drink and destruct
my self-balance´s disrupt.
Because i kissed
the lips of an angel.

Inside i feel you shined
a light to my hell
and all i ever want
is for my soul
to touch the lips
of an angel.

I´ve seen so many places
and seen so many faces
but all i ever felt was numb.

You took away my hatred
and gave me a sense of trust.
Now you´ve gone forever
and you left me here to rust.
What i am supposed to do
with all this love i built?
I gave a guillotine to you
around my heart its built.

And all i want from you
is a kiss
from the lips of an angel.

I won´t see you anymore
you flew straight to you heaven.
I´ll sit here in hell with the
light that you wore - i´ll let it shine forever.

For i have kissed
the lips
of an angel.

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Taavi Järv

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