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Here you lie

Here you lie
all cried-up and sad
missing some things
you never really had.

Hoping for my
mind to clear.
Don´t wait for this scum
your heaven is near.

You´ll find the joy
from all the little things around
Love is right beside you
it sneaks up without a sound.

You´ve gotta fly
right to the end of the skies.
Without regrets, no turning back
you´ve got to fly, no question "Why?"

You´ll find a love
better than me.
Healing takes some time
but one day you´ll see.

All the scars i teared on you
will heal and make you stronger.
And i think you´ll be good
one day you won´t need me any longer.

You´ll find a place to stand and smile.
A shoulder to rest your head
and after a waiting for a while
i´m finally out of your head.

You´ll just need to fly
a little bit further.
Where´s the end of the skies
and safe to be bolder.

Just take your wings
and point them up.
All your hurt
will just pack up.

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Taavi Järv

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