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Wake-up blues

Wake up, wake up
Honey, now it´s time to do
your little makeup
we´re gonna go out
right now

Wake up, wake up
honey, all we gotta do
is to make up
i don´t want to lose you
right now

Just hold on to my hand
we´re gonna make it
through this
i´ll try to make you understand
we´ve been through
worse things than this

We´ve gotta hold on to each other
you know love´s a long, bumpy road
You´ve said we shouldn´t bother
but i ain´t yet ready to let go

I know the roses are far
but they still smell so good
Baby, i need us to wake up
our dreams are getting blue
Just wake up, wake up
we really need this dream
to break up

I know i said some things
of the very unforgiving kind
This very song to you i´m gonna sing
so you´ll know what´s on my mind

Your jacket´s already on,
your suitcase is packed
i can´t really stop you from going
but know that
we still could be so good

If you´re really gonna leave
just take my words with you
and if we´re never ever gonna see
i´ll still send my blessings
with you

So you´ve just got to wake up
get your stuff and do the things
you do with your makeup.
Don´t even wake me up, just
leave me in my bed all alone
Baby, we´ve had some good times
but i know you´ll be good on your own

Maybe i should take it as a sign
i´ve really let myself go
Just go there, march into the wild
and one day you´ll find a
place to call "home"

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Taavi Järv

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  • Lisatud: 11/10/2020 01:23
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