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I drink alone

I drink alone.

No matter how many
people around
i'm still alone.
No matter
how much demons i drown -
sounds of sipping whiskey
will always be
the only ones around.

I'm drinking alone.
Even if i'm not.

And walking and talking
with others
wont stop me from
living alone in my head.
Baby, sometimes
it feels like i'm walking dead.

Oh, i feel alone.
I'm all out of love.

Sometimes i feel like
the white pigeon
everyone tries
to hunt down.

I feel like a log in the river,
i'm floating with the others
but never together
would we be able to drown.

And all the love given
things that are forgiven
Would ever help me forget
that i'm forever alone
and drinking on my own.

I drink alone
i drink alone
And no matter how
many times i'll make you moan
you'll never be able to see me
as a whole.

And all the nightmares i could not share
and all the mornings feeling blue.
Baby, even i don't care no more
and so shouldn't you.

So i drink alone
baby, i'm so done.

And all the help you
could give me
would still leave my
heart of stone cold.

So i drink alone.

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