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My dove

I know you´ve had it tough
all the tears you´ve hid inside.
Theres no way you´re getting out of here
It´s dangerous to have been so kind.

You need to feel the wind
brushing on your cheeks.
The very touch of freedom
is the thing anyone should seek.

Fly now, my little dove
courage to live
will come from above.
Fly with your wings,
forget about the land
find a place to stand.

Do not now rest
until we´re far and gone
and all the rest will be
healed by this new dawn.

Never look back
only if you´ve forgiven.
And believe me, that
i, too, hope to make it
to the heavens.

Fly now, my little dove
spread your wings and say goodbye.
Find a place to seed your endless love
and keep your heart close by.

Just fly now, my little love
hurl with the winds and dance with the skies.
Leave this nest, my white little dove
you deserve to smile.

Your cage is eaten by the rust
and your keepers long eating dirt.
By now, you should have some trust
not everyone wants to see you hurt.

Never forget, sometimes forgive
always stay a little naive.
Never really fly back to me
For prisoners i´m born to keep.

Just find your wings
and learn to fly.
Leave the little things
that made you cry.

Touch the heavens once for me
kiss the oceans twice.
A minute of silence for the
past that deserves to die.

Just fly now, my little dove
dance with the wind
and joy with the rain.
Fly now, straight to your love
and forget the pain.

Fly now, my little dove
spread your wings
and learn to be loved.

Hurl with the winds
and dance with the skies.
Leave this past, my little love
you really need to smile.

— Taavi Järv
16/10/2020 Varia


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Taavi Järv

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  • Lisatud: 16/10/2020 18:36
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