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I opened my door and left you outside

In sorrow I wonder,
of what will I do?
I sit here and ponder.
What happened to you?

A mask not so fitting.
Your stories not true?
So clever, so witty..
Was none of it you?

Rainy night was the one.
When you opened my door.
Asked if I was alone?
Then answered, no more.

Dark night full of nothing.
Like air was all gone.
But you, you were something.
As a light from above.

No meaning, no hope..
Nothing new yet to come.
But now there was something.
A ray of light from the sun.

In that moment I wondered,
of what else was to come?
Because of what follows,
my mind was all done..

Too good to be true!
Is what I had thought.
This must be a trick!
My mind with me fought.

Something woke up inside me.
My only dear friend.
Anger, pain and sorrow..
They gave me a hand.

I pushed you outside!
And locked up the door.
My mind was made up.
I need you no more!

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Janari T

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