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Part Of Your Life

Please don´t go,don´t walk away when it´s time for our romance
And how can you say that´s where the love story ends
Please stay with me and I´ll promise you I´ll stay by your side
And I´ll promise you I´ll love you day and night
How will I survive in this world of stone when you´re gone
Olny you will know where my heart belongs

I wanna be a part of your life,girl
Just you and me side by side
I wanna be a part of your world
More than a feeling inside

I wanna be a part of your life,girl
Until the end of our lifetime
And our love feeds a new world
Everything turns out fine

Please don´t leave me alone,don´t tell me it´s all over just again
But there must be a way a love like this won´t ever end
Please stay with me and we just won´t let our love fade away
And we´ll let this love stay alive forever and a day
And someday maybe you will see this love will last forever
Tell me why can´t we just stay together

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