tsitaat See, kes armastab ennast, ei pea kartma rivaale. tsitaat Ladina vanasõna

My wounds are deep,
can't get any sleep.
All I do is weep,
all our memories I keep.

Trying to move along,
listening to our song.
Living life wrong,
sadness stretched too long.

Coping with this pain,
nothing to gain.
Crying in the rain,
laying in painful vain.

A never-ending path,
unexpected wrath.
Tears fill the bath,
this is the aftermath.

A big price I paid,
onto the railroad I laid.
I'm a worthless maid,
who needs a ton of aid.

Myself is all I hate,
the hour is once again late.
Death is my certain fate,
but also a freedom gate.

Fucked up, I let myself get,
treating me as a household pet.
I can make a bet,
tears make my pillow wet.

Torn apart, burnt to ash,
an object for people to smash.
Left me a eternal gash,
no where left to dash.

My body icy cold,
covered with sickening mold.
Not a single ounce of gold,
worthless I am, I have been told.

This soul, finds its' end,
once there's nothing left to mend.
A letter then I have to send,
rules I will bend.

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