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Baby.... I can't sleep
I need you here, curled up behind me....

Baby.... I'm restless
I need you here, to relieve all my stress....

Baby.... We don't talk anymore
I need you here, so your heart and mind I can explore....

Baby.... I miss you
I need you here.... to remind me of our love that I cling to.....

Baby.... I need you
I need you here.... just to give the strength to get through

Baby.... I love you
I need you here.... so I can prove my love is true....

Baby.... I just need you....

— Luuletused
26/02/2013 Armastus
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I have never burnt
Like this before
Should I go on with it
I'm not quite sure
But baby please
Don't let me go for good
There's something else
Now must be understood

My crown is in the Heavens
My feet are in the Earth
My heart is everywhere
While giving holy birth
You told me once
We are together in this all
I believe you now
There's no sky
From you are
Supposed to fall

/Mari Uri/

— Mari Uri
01/06/2022 Inglise keel
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I have seen the darkness
Very closely -
Blurry eyes, poor vision, empty sight...
I have done a loving act from distance,
Far remotely...
Now the very darkness seems so
Freaking bright...

I want my Baby walking by me
Hand in hand,
Would like to show and teach him ways
The life is beautiful...
And wish one happy day he makes
The safest land',
Still remembering the flight and
Steps on cloudy sand
So colourful<3

/Mari Uri/

— Mari Uri
01/06/2022 Inglise keel
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I cry aloud with all my people's mouths,
our land is smitten by a plague of fear and lead,
our land is shadowed by the gallows tree
our land a common graveyard, huge with dead.

Who'll come to help? Right here, at present, now!
Because the patient's weak, has lost his hold.
But, like the call of birds, my shouting fades
in emptiness: the world is arrogant and cold.

The sighing of the old, the baby's cry --
do they all run to sand, illusion, fail?
Men, women groan like wounded deer
to those in power all this is just a fairy-tale.

Dark is the world's eye, its ear is deaf,
the powerful lost i ..... Loe edasi →

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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For you

Those eyes, that keep everything bundled inside, wishing that everything's gonna be alright,
all I really wanted was to see you smile, my dedication, my hesitation, I'm no longer blind,
cause you're my light in the sky, hoping this time I'll get it right, I'll do it with all my might
I've never been one that's liked, wish you could be here,right here, part of my life, I can't really rhyme
I have to say what I say, I'll let the swing sway, over the edge of the world, I've found myself,
thinking of you once at least every day, so I wont stop the pursuit of happiness, I threw away,
even .....
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— M K
15/11/2020 Inglise keel
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I wanna be with you

But ain't nobody love you like I do
'Cause baby you look happier
When you're not here with me, I get anxiety
I can't eat, I can't sleep, I get anxiety
'Cause' I'm really freaking out,
too scared of letting you go
I would go anywhere for you
Let me take your hand, I'll make it right
I swear to love you all my life
You're in my head, I wanna be with you
Let me show you love, I don't pretend,
I'll be right here, baby
You are my shining star

— joel
14/11/2020 Armastus
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I drink alone

I drink alone.

No matter how many
people around
i'm still alone.
No matter
how much demons i drown -
sounds of sipping whiskey
will always be
the only ones around.

I'm drinking alone.
Even if i'm not.

And walking and talking
with others
wont stop me from
living alone in my head.
Baby, sometimes
it feels like i'm walking dead.

Oh, i feel alone.
I'm all out of love.

Sometimes i feel like
the white pigeon
everyone tries
to hunt down.

I feel like a log in the river,
i'm floating with the others
but never together
would we be able to drown. .....
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— Taavi Järv
16/10/2020 Varia
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Wake-up blues

Wake up, wake up
Honey, now it´s time to do
your little makeup
we´re gonna go out
right now

Wake up, wake up
honey, all we gotta do
is to make up
i don´t want to lose you
right now

Just hold on to my hand
we´re gonna make it
through this
i´ll try to make you understand
we´ve been through
worse things than this

We´ve gotta hold on to each other
you know love´s a long, bumpy road
You´ve said we shouldn´t bother
but i ain´t yet ready to let go

I know the roses are far
but they still smell so good
Baby, i need us to wake up
our dreams are getting blue .....
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— Taavi Järv
11/10/2020 Armastus
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Parents, think about it..

Have you ever think about,
what your doing to them..?
How your word hurts,
have you no shame..?

We all take it in difference ways,
some may defend, some may cry.
Wanna know, what they do or try
or you don't care at all..?

Parents should support their little ones...
Loving one than the other,
youth needs to be counted...

Have you realised, how she feels,
when she sees sibling getting all,
but you gave her the cold shoulder
and she feels so left out...

Have you think about it,
what they do behind your back..?
They might .....
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— Shad0ws Qu33n
19/06/2020 Inglise keel
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god of the rap its a wrap king of the rap its no crap both GOING to roth till death and what will wealth them more than sure health and God help they can do us great wait ...out of sight its like bikes trike and bites like punches mike or cat tastes mice and what else is nice roll the dice they show shiny glow of their figures flow they grow some dome of my own make me feel im no clown and i know when i say yo i add a bo nus for your globus to show i am a rapper also. Thats the way God and King say Going like young mindblowing mc wanna sing go with wings hold your things it brings some sins ..... Loe edasi →

— luulekomissarov
13/12/2013 Religioon
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Love's fire

Early love sets a-fire
Beauty and affection is all it desires
Happy songs sing while wedding bells ring
Next thing you know “shush! The baby’s sleeping”
Memories of your life soon spread like wild fire
Causing trouble in the time it acquire
Burning this and burning that, with no actual aspire
Since all your affairs were wrapped in barbwire
But that wasn't enough to hide the lighter of
All the sinful flames that you had inspire
Because Eddie married May but soon admired
The hips that would sway a girl in the church choir

— Luuletused
26/02/2013 Kategooriata
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