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In the shadows

I'we lived in shadows,
all my life.
I'we waited light,
to shine so bright.

To cast the veil,
from my dark life.
And lift me up,
to see the light.

I might seem cruel.
And out of mind.
I might have claws.
That tare your kind.

But even when,
there is but night.
A light will shine.
Through all that hate.

Your touch, your skin,
your glow without sin.
Your beauty,
that comes from within.

It heals my wounds.
It clears my skin.
It takes me up.
To shine my sins.

— Janari T
12/10/2018 Inglise keel
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Forever on my mind

I remember writing her poems, all night and day,
her modest laughter and sweet smiles were my pay.

I didn´t really mind all those sleepless nights and heart in pain,
because her beauty will always be walking in my memory lane.

When I look at her, then I see the meaning of love and happiness of living,
when I am with her, then I know, that all people don´t take, because she´s giving

When I am with her, I have something more,
I am happier, than I have ever been before.

She´s on my mind, she´s always there,
where ever I look, she´s everywhere.

She will always be sitti .....
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— Raigo Lepp
18/07/2014 Kategooriata
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my heart to you

I'm scared of falling love
I saw darkness in her beauty
She saw beauty in my darkness
She freed me from my heart
But I'm still trapped inside of conscious

There's no way to say this poems about someone else
Every time you're not in my arms
I start to lose myself

Every night, I fell in love
But no one else could lift me high above
I don’t know what I was doing
Nowadays, I cannot find her

I want your hair , I want your disease
I want your everything as long as it's free
I want your love, love, love, love
I want your love

Trying not to freak when you look at me.
Gotta .....
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— joel
11/07/2021 Armastus
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ode to hip hop

I've decided to take destiny into my own hands
You probably can't understand but for me life is bland
And I have this constant hollow feeling
Days are cold, dark and filled with sorrow
Raining clouds from under my ceiling
Dealing with it all would take a person very strong
By the time you hear this I will be gone
Along with my existence will be a way of life for many
I gave some substance, knowledge
And in returned was used to make a petty penny
They've defeated my purpose, deleted my work
Cheated me, seated me underground and wound up bringing me to the surface
They corrupted my .....
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— Maarjo K
27/03/2019 Inglise keel
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Everytime you´re like a wild rose by the evening light
Everytime you´re like an angel in the morning twilight
There´s always a goddess in your tender lovely eyes
Everytime you´re like a bird flying alone in the lover´s sky
And your beauty won´t fade away, I swear it´s no lie
There´s always something special about your smile

You are so beautiful, I must tell the world about you
You are so beautiful, believe me it´s so true

You are a wild angel just for me
You are my symphony
You are a wild angel just for me
You are my destiny

Everytime you´re like a wild rose to me n .....
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— DarkMystery
29/04/2013 Armastus
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Love's fire

Early love sets a-fire
Beauty and affection is all it desires
Happy songs sing while wedding bells ring
Next thing you know “shush! The baby’s sleeping”
Memories of your life soon spread like wild fire
Causing trouble in the time it acquire
Burning this and burning that, with no actual aspire
Since all your affairs were wrapped in barbwire
But that wasn't enough to hide the lighter of
All the sinful flames that you had inspire
Because Eddie married May but soon admired
The hips that would sway a girl in the church choir

— Luuletused
26/02/2013 Kategooriata
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