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I don't think I'm going crazy...

Everything seems to fly me by,
in these days I don’t even try
to go out and make a difference.
I don’t need grades or a job reference.
I dream because I don’t like the reality.
A couple of times a day I end up in panicking
because of the fear of losing the grip
and leaving on a mental hospital trip.
I don’t think I’m going crazy,
so I don’t need you to save me.
If anything, then I’m finding out
what my life is all about.
This growing up is like shitting bricks,
I haven’t learned these circus tricks.
So if you’ve seen more than me,
I’d learn the lesson happil .....
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— Eva Pärnits
05/05/2011 Inglise keel
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cortez the Killer

Ta tuli tantsides üle vee
Oma galeoonide ja kahuritega
Otsides uut maailma
Ja päikese paleed

Kaldal lebas Montezuma
Oma kokalehtede ja pärlitega
Ta sageli rändas oma saalides
Maailma saladuste seltsis

Ja tema alluvad kogunesid tema ümber
Nagu lehed puu ümber
Nende paljudes värvides rõivastuses
Et vihased jumalad näeksid

Ja naised olid kõik kaunid
Ja mehed seisid sirged ja tugevad
Nad pakkusid elu ohverduseks
Et teised võiksid jätkata

Viha oli vaid legend
Ja sõda polnud kunagi tuntud
Inimesed töötasid koos
Ja tõstsid palju kive

Ja nad kandsid neid t .....
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— pool
29/05/2023 Kategooriata
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III - Her

The lingering smell of her.
Ever so present in my memories
Ghosting Its fingers over me.
Leaving behind a want,
a need so desperate – almost dizzying.
Blurred lines of her figure,
casting themselves behind my eyelids.
So real in my mind's eye... yet
nowhere once I open them.
It's like she was never there.
Just the ghost of her left behind.
Now taunting me, driving me crazy.
Playing with my feelings,
tearing open healed wounds – making them bleed all over again
and again
and again.

— and1acula
11/11/2022 Inglise keel
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The songbird in my heart
going crazy,flying wall to wall
singing, screaming and crying
laughing maniacally.
and dancing Its little heart out
because It's falling in love,
with another beautiful songbird.
yet absolutely beautiful

— and1acula
04/11/2022 Kategooriata
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My love is mine

I have finally found my love
and it's my true one.
I don't wanna be gone,
so I escaped with a broken car.

I found an abandoned city,
so I parked there.
It was so sad here,
I felt nothing but pity.

For so long I searched for help
before I lost my strenght,
I screamed with all my breath,
I'm scared that, my heart was already melt.

I heard something, far away,
but something, was in my way.
Then I saw someone,
was he the one?

He is coming to me,
I'm so scared right now.
Wait, now I know,
he is the only one, for me.

We kissed,
my heart is fixed,
I'm stronger, than .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
07/04/2018 Armastus
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Just got a freakin` nightmare,
It sure hurts, as hell,
Its just 3 a.m
Oh hell!

With this crazy night as well
can sign myself, to the hospitel!
Or maybe, I`m about to find
an sacred well!

To make those demons,
go away and stay away
So I could stay as sane
as You think I am today.

-Janek V.

— vilkoit
21/12/2015 Inglise keel
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The Wasteland

Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted,
woke up today and all I could say is:
That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it,
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked.

If you’re the state, then you’re the land,
the world, on your knees, you don’t stand.
So yes, it is a wasteland,
Up to mouth goes the hand,
everybody, minus some, all seduced,
minds go about, they wander loose.

The most wanted is the driver’s seat,
Obama, Ki-moon, Elizabeth the Queen.

Cry, laugh, fight, do awsome things,
arms replaced with feather wings,
but, .....
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— kosmoset2nav
03/07/2011 Inglise keel
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