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Live up to your dreams

Everyone desires to be popular
and the ones that don’t, lie to themselves.
A human by nature wants to please
whoever is around and does so by all means.
Though once caught up in the belief,
that everything around is cheap,
They close their eyes to their destiny,
for their conscious, it’s too big of a mystery,
and life goes on in a shallow pond,
without ever reaching the open sea or beyond.
The individual identity gets cremated,
and that’s how mainstream is created.

Live up to your dreams, not what they expect,
that’s how you’ll earn your self-respect.
Though remember ..... Loe edasi →

— Eva Pärnits
05/05/2011 Inglise keel
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Right, Freddy

Why are things the way they are?
How have we moved out so far?
Don't you miss some real intention?
Love and hope, dreams and potential?

Once a word meant all we had.
When you touched another's hand.
Or when a smile lit up your day.
Like winter moon or sun in may.

How can we still love and care?
If all we do is kill and tare.
To me that shows, we are not ready.
Is that right, my dear friend Freddy?

— Janari T
15/08/2021 Inglise keel
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Write to you

I write to the wind,
to the darkness unknown.
I write to the lover,
whose love has now gone.

I write to the moon,
under shadows at night.
I write to the soldiers,
who can never fight.

I write to the sea,
that is never blue.
I write to the sun,
that now follows you.

I write to the secrets,
that we never see.
I write to the people,
who we want to be.

I write to the leaders,
who can never stay true.
I write to the dreamers.
And now write to you.

— Janari T
15/08/2021 Inglise keel
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Ennast säästmata, sind paika ei tulnud määrama,
mida rohkem vabaks üritad väänelda, seda enam,
kinni jääd, ja ei pääse sa, iialgi, liialt mind piirasid,
pole pahane pole vihagi, kahju, et endiselt vibalik,
kui neid stiile ihkasid, ei suuda iial olla minalik,
universaliseerisin teadmised ja rajudust pillasin,
alateadvuses kopeerid mu ridasid, teeseldes,
et originaalsed pliiatsid su pinalis..

Ükskõikne, kui endaga võitleb,
Ükskõikne, kui ennast kavalaks mõtleb,
Ükskõikne, kui minuga end võrdleb,
Üksi võitled, iial sügavalt mõistmas,
mis mu sõnumist pärine ..... Loe edasi →

— M K
09/10/2020 Vabavärss
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Starting from this monday,
I had only two thoughts,
Both are insane,
Hah, just like me, not so very sane!

One was of long time dream,
to visit that place, in the deep.
The other one, was of You,
taking my breath away.


- Janek V.™

2015 February

— vilkoit
06/07/2016 Kategooriata
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I think

I think of dreams, I think of lies,
I think of moments, I despise.

I sometimes know, what will come thru,
I once thought, but now I do.

I asked for time and nothing less.
It gave me lies, it gave me bliss.

It showed me how, the road must go,
It gave me tools, to make it so.

Why do we play, this crooked game?
Why do we slay, this endless fame?

I ask of you now, your hand to give.
So we could leave and never "live".

— Janari T
01/08/2021 Inglise keel
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Wake-up blues

Wake up, wake up
Honey, now it´s time to do
your little makeup
we´re gonna go out
right now

Wake up, wake up
honey, all we gotta do
is to make up
i don´t want to lose you
right now

Just hold on to my hand
we´re gonna make it
through this
i´ll try to make you understand
we´ve been through
worse things than this

We´ve gotta hold on to each other
you know love´s a long, bumpy road
You´ve said we shouldn´t bother
but i ain´t yet ready to let go

I know the roses are far
but they still smell so good
Baby, i need us to wake up
our dreams are getting blue ..... Loe edasi →

— Taavi Järv
11/10/2020 Armastus
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My dream

What're my biggest dreams..?
My dream is to be with you,
to be by your side,
cuz I love you so much.

I have so many daydreams,
I wish to get married with you,
I wanna live with you,
cuz you mean everything to me.
We have so many good memories,
you are very dear to me,
you have a place in my heart,
you're my heart and soul.

I can't live without you,
I can't be there, where you don't exist.
We make each other feel good and laugh,
we are always there for each other.

We're never alone.
Your perfect for me,
every night I dream your still here.
I wish to see you there.

— Shad0ws Qu33n
21/01/2018 Armastus
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Once in a while,
its hard to breath.
The queen of Spades plays me,
with my mind at stake.

Then I try to count to zillion,
until I fall a sleep.
Stumbling through those awful dreams
until early morning happy dreams.

-Janek V.

— vilkoit
23/12/2015 Inglise keel
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I should have known
that you are over me
I should have known
that you are not my friend
I should have known
that I'm a wanna-be
who's never, never
giving up till the end

I should have known
that you are other side
I should have known
that we have different truths
I should have known
that love has shut my eyes
and you are brilliantly
stealing all my youth

Now every day
I'm stepping out of sight
and wishing all
the best to you as well
And please do not you
call me in my dreams
for I have still my heart
and doors and bell

Mary L.

— Mari Uri
13/06/2014 Inglise keel
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We live like kings,
yet bathe in poverty.
Finding treasure in nothing,
making us question our sobriety.

We take what is ours,
yet refuse to share.
In most of us,
caring is rare.

Refining our hearts,
difficult it seems.
We all wish for lives,
that appear in our dreams

— kapaz0r
13/01/2013 Kategooriata
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Hey kid

Broken stones, dirty hands and the eyes that wayched the emptiness;
Kid who don't drown up; who was empty shape

Yet I scream at her.

Hey kid, you're someone who sweeps the walls. You're the wall, not the one who's trying to destroy it

Broken homes, black bodies, and the contact that's never interrupted;
kid who lives in a dreams; who don't grow up; who was empty shape

But yet, I scream at her

Hey kid, you're someone who's laughing at them; you're seagull who can't see colors, hear sounds, but still knows everything

You're fighter

— Ingrid M. Susi
06/03/2014 Elu
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pain in heart.

Never enough words to explain.
Never enough feelings to feel.
Never enough the sun to shine.
In heart there is only stressing
Pain, getting harder.

Never enough reasons to smile.
Never enough force to be able to do somethig.
Never enough light to get out from darkness.
In soul there are only revolving frozen dreams.

— Geidi Zibo
14/05/2011 Kategooriata
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Faith & Hesitation

Everyone in real relationships
Say that they miss being free.
That they love their honies to bits
But single life is good indeed.
You get to be your own boss,
Go do what your heart desires.
It’s a paradise on Earth cos
Riding solo never expires.

But what if you’ve been strolling alone
Throughout your life, which has been fun
And get thinking, what if your tombstone
Will sit on it’s own when you’re done.
It would be a sad grave
To have your body thrown in
Cos in your life, no-one was as brave
To have you as their virtue and their sin.

I shouldn’t even consider
Th ..... Loe edasi →

— Eva Pärnits
05/05/2011 Inglise keel
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The river of fear

I believe in dreams that can become real,
But they live beside the river of fear.
They are always on the other side
And the river is not narrow, it’s very wide.

It’s not filled with water,
More like lava only hotter,
Seasoned with tears from the past
And blood from your broken heart.

It doesn’t just take a thick layer of skin,
But understanding, accepting within
Of who you are and then a little bit more
To ever be able to reach the other shore.

Buying a swimsuit is not the first step,
Because the control tap is over the trek.
You must jump in and defeat your ret ..... Loe edasi →

— Eva Pärnits
03/05/2011 Inglise keel
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