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I have never burnt
Like this before
Should I go on with it
I'm not quite sure
But baby please
Don't let me go for good
There's something else
Now must be understood

My crown is in the Heavens
My feet are in the Earth
My heart is everywhere
While giving holy birth
You told me once
We are together in this all
I believe you now
There's no sky
From you are
Supposed to fall

/Mari Uri/

— Mari Uri
01/06/2022 Inglise keel
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Taevas ja Maa

Suitsune; mu aken on udune;
ununen; kildudeks kukub; puruneb;
Süttib põhjala; vedelen kivist põrandal;
veab, neil kes ei sündinud põdrana;
samblik lõõmamas; tunnen ennast tõprana;
inimeseks olles; iga päevane toodete koorem;
elu mis meenutab prügi kolle; nina püsti;
täitmas tähtsusetuid rolle; muundamas vorme;
õnneks on need unistused kõik meil paberist;
mõtetud mõõtmed edetabelis; kõrbeb kõik..Kõrbeb kõik..
paber millele trükitud valesid; loodud tahe; mille tõttu kardeti;
kaoses nähes nüüdseks ainsat lahendit; miski meis on valesti;
kui kaua veel; kui k .....
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— Maarjo K
29/07/2019 Vabavärss
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Piirid ja Jumalused

Kõik mu elus on piiritletud
Ju ma ise olen liiga piirideta
Tahtsin minna leerikooli teismelisena
Ei lubatud
Ähvardati kodust eemale heitmisega
Ei läinud

Aga mu kõige raskematel hetkedel on kuskilt
tulnud mingi sisemine tung religiossuse järele
Ma olen neid studeerinud ja õppinud
Aga ma mõtlen, et kui ühendad ennast ühe Kõrge Meistriga
oledki Valgusega kooskõlas,
sest ka teised Meistrid on siis Sinuga koos
ja juhatavad teed igaviku päikese alla

Indiaanlased on öelnud, et naine peaks juhatama meest kõrgustesse
ja mees peaks olema valmis selleks, et naine oleks s .....
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— Zero
03/07/2022 Religioon
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The golden Christmas stars shine down
With a cheerful Christmas glow,
And twinkle a Yuletide message

To the busy world below;
They tell of the peace and good will
The Christmas time brings to earth,
The peace and good will all should feel

Oh, I wish I was an angel on the tree
I’d give every girl and boy
Lots of Christmas peace and joy

— joel
23/12/2021 Jõululuuletused
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Ah, earthly life burns in a myriad splendours
Not even deaths dark hazard can destroy.
I yield, a willing prisoner, to joy;
I never sorted with discreet pretenders.
And as the shaken glaucous wave engenders
Spindrift, so my green falling silks deploy
A froth, and all is stripped to the last toy,
And, caught in ecstasy, my sense surrenders.

Why does the blossom wanton in the light,
The blue horizon lure me to its border?
My body too is of their bent and order:
My every nerve vibrates to rapt delight,
And I distrain my life of its last treasure
As if my mounting days had brimmed their measure.

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Eigth Elegy

Infinite progressions of blue gradually shade
into an Estonian childhood, my father's eyes,
the fragrant beehive of a paneled veranda
where I caught first the form of radiant windows
and my language, Finno-Ugric, not Indo-European,
a marvel of music and breathtaking brevity.
The same vowel harmonies took me later
to the labyrinthine lakes of Finland
which mirror similar constellations of the soul,
where just a transparency separates
heaven from earth, salmon leap
right through your heart, and you soon know
where the world ends and how and why.
A piece of ice tells it, so does polished glass,
b .....
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— Ivar Ivask
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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the creeks of your blood

are mirrors, you cannot change

your faith, Earth's daughter

— stihiaal
13/01/2016 Kategooriata
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Louder than anything loud

I wonder, where We belong...
To stars, which are long burnt out...
Or to ground, which waits another round...
Yep, I still wonder, if earth is still round.

I know, after I descend into ground
my mind, will be blown
This moment, I found
Oh no, You can´t be so loud.

So, now I beg, please eject from my mind,
Reject all our memories of that time.
Never return and never ever bring back those silly lies
Leave and promise You´ll never be seen!

-Janek V.

— vilkoit
23/12/2015 Inglise keel
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god of the rap its a wrap king of the rap its no crap both GOING to roth till death and what will wealth them more than sure health and God help they can do us great wait ...out of sight its like bikes trike and bites like punches mike or cat tastes mice and what else is nice roll the dice they show shiny glow of their figures flow they grow some dome of my own make me feel im no clown and i know when i say yo i add a bo nus for your globus to show i am a rapper also. Thats the way God and King say Going like young mindblowing mc wanna sing go with wings hold your things it brings some sins ..... Loe edasi →

— luulekomissarov
13/12/2013 Religioon
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Mul on unistus

Mõtestan lahti elu, istun pingil paberit vaatan
mul on unistus, kui Luther Kingil 63´ndal aastal,
Kas peace ilutseb sildil, vastus on jaatav,
Tolerants domineerib, süütab pirni
kuna ammendund on elulaad laastav.
Vaata! oleme liialt kaugele läind et naasta
on liiga palju saasta, liiga palju igal aastal
neid kes kirbul hoides meid, hoides käes pidemeid
silmadel sidemeid, propageerides demokraatiat
nii meedia keeris see masse hüpnotiseerides
Rasse diskrimineerides, nii rahvast provotseerides
Sõjaks mitte rahuks, toolileenile ma nõjatun
mõistes et mulle see pähe ei mahu.
T .....
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— pencil
28/10/2013 Elu
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Faith & Hesitation

Everyone in real relationships
Say that they miss being free.
That they love their honies to bits
But single life is good indeed.
You get to be your own boss,
Go do what your heart desires.
It’s a paradise on Earth cos
Riding solo never expires.

But what if you’ve been strolling alone
Throughout your life, which has been fun
And get thinking, what if your tombstone
Will sit on it’s own when you’re done.
It would be a sad grave
To have your body thrown in
Cos in your life, no-one was as brave
To have you as their virtue and their sin.

I shouldn’t even consider
Th .....
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— Eva Pärnits
05/05/2011 Inglise keel
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