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Your story

If you love your eternal existence.
Or survive the darkest of days.
Then relive your path of resistance.
And follow up on what it says.

We all yearn for love and respect.
We want our voices to be heard.
Each other we must not neglect.
From one another is much to be learned.

The world will tremble and fall.
If you show them the strongest of might.
Now hear the loudest of call.
And set your story straight!

— Janari T
15/08/2021 Inglise keel
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ode to hip hop

I've decided to take destiny into my own hands
You probably can't understand but for me life is bland
And I have this constant hollow feeling
Days are cold, dark and filled with sorrow
Raining clouds from under my ceiling
Dealing with it all would take a person very strong
By the time you hear this I will be gone
Along with my existence will be a way of life for many
I gave some substance, knowledge
And in returned was used to make a petty penny
They've defeated my purpose, deleted my work
Cheated me, seated me underground and wound up bringing me to the surface
They corrupted my .....
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— Maarjo K
27/03/2019 Inglise keel
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My only star

Some days I wonder.
Some days I see.
It all becomes,
so clear to me.

That it was meant.
For you to see.
How your existence,
follows me.

When I am breathing.
Or when I sleep.
I see your heart,
right next to me.

You are my passion.
You are my star.
My morning coffe.
All that I love.

But life is short.
And you are far.
So I must hide.
My only star.

— Janari T
12/10/2018 Inglise keel
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