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I'm here again
A thousand miles away from you
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own
I've lost so much along the way

As I sit and make my list
Thinking about the years I've missed
As the tear falls from my eye
I know the reason why I cry

Self-destruct, spiral down
Until your want becomes your need
Until I get up like I know I can
Or forever love the fall

Maybe I should just fall
And leave the world and lose it all
And if that's what you need
To finally see
I loved you through it all

Bring on the pills, rol ..... Loe edasi →

— kukkunud täht
30/06/2017 Inglise keel
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Parents, think about it..

Have you ever think about,
what your doing to them..?
How your word hurts,
have you no shame..?

We all take it in difference ways,
some may defend, some may cry.
Wanna know, what they do or try
or you don't care at all..?

Parents should support their little ones...
Loving one than the other,
youth needs to be counted...

Have you realised, how she feels,
when she sees sibling getting all,
but you gave her the cold shoulder
and she feels so left out...

Have you think about it,
what they do behind your back..?
They might ..... Loe edasi →

— Shad0ws Qu33n
19/06/2020 Inglise keel
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Dreaming, screaming so relieving,
Being, seeing so arousing,
Walking, talking so amusing,
Smiling, wailing so opposing,
Touching, leaning so securing
Kissing, cuddling leads to meaning.

-Janek V. 16122015

— vilkoit
21/12/2015 Inglise keel
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I have never burnt
Like this before
Should I go on with it
I'm not quite sure
But baby please
Don't let me go for good
There's something else
Now must be understood

My crown is in the Heavens
My feet are in the Earth
My heart is everywhere
While giving holy birth
You told me once
We are together in this all
I believe you now
There's no sky
From you are
Supposed to fall

/Mari Uri/

— Mari Uri
01/06/2022 Inglise keel
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I have seen the darkness
Very closely -
Blurry eyes, poor vision, empty sight...
I have done a loving act from distance,
Far remotely...
Now the very darkness seems so
Freaking bright...

I want my Baby walking by me
Hand in hand,
Would like to show and teach him ways
The life is beautiful...
And wish one happy day he makes
The safest land',
Still remembering the flight and
Steps on cloudy sand
So colourful<3

/Mari Uri/

— Mari Uri
01/06/2022 Inglise keel
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Over the garden the moons tide tumbles;
Shrubs are shaken by gusts and tremblings;
Pathways ribbon with sudden dissemblings
Towards the threshold where false foot stumbles.
Out of the soil of midnight, tender,
Lift my arms white tendrils and, weaving,
Motion to someone shadowy and absent,
Someone who tarries somewhere, perhaps may not be existent.

Oh, do I fear the days of torrid splendour,
Nights full of flowers? Oh, do I fear when I see that
These would not yield to the ultimate depths of my choosing?
My heart is breaking little by little
As a ripe pomegranate, skin parched brittle,
Breaks: ..... Loe edasi →

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Christmas Greetings 1941

I walk the silent, Christmas-snowy path,
that goes across the homeland in its suffering.
At each doorstep I would like to bend my knee:
there is no house without mourning.

The spark of anger flickers in sorrow's ashes,
the mind is hard with anger, with pain tender:
there is no way of being pure as Christmas
on this white, pure-as-Christmas path.

Alas, to have to live such stony instants,
to carry on one's heart a coffin lid!
Not even tears will come any more -
that gift of mercy has run out as well.

I'm like someone rowing backwards:
eyes permanently set on past -
backwards, yes - yet reach ..... Loe edasi →

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Ema portree Portrait of my Mother

See on mu ema portree. This is a portrait of my mother.
Käed tööväsimusest vajunud sülle. Hands sunk in her lap from work-weariness
Ja mina kusagil tühjas ruumis And I somewhere in empty space
hüplev alp harakas a conceited, hopping magpie
laia taevalaotuse all. under a broad sky.
Prillid on kukkunud lahti löödud raamatule. Her glasses have fallen on to the knocked-open book.
Suur Jumal hoia mu poega. Great Lord, look after my son.
Vihm vasardab vast ..... Loe edasi →

— Kalju Lepik
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Eigth Elegy

Infinite progressions of blue gradually shade
into an Estonian childhood, my father's eyes,
the fragrant beehive of a paneled veranda
where I caught first the form of radiant windows
and my language, Finno-Ugric, not Indo-European,
a marvel of music and breathtaking brevity.
The same vowel harmonies took me later
to the labyrinthine lakes of Finland
which mirror similar constellations of the soul,
where just a transparency separates
heaven from earth, salmon leap
right through your heart, and you soon know
where the world ends and how and why.
A piece of ice tells it, so does polished glass,
b ..... Loe edasi →

— Ivar Ivask
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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If it was so

If your eyes could really see,
would you see what comes to be?

If mirrors would show us our fate,
would you stare and take the hate?

If love was given all to free,
Would it mean so much to me?

If true lovers never met,
Would they be a hopeless wreck?

If you could only do what's right,
Would we distinguish day from night?

If life was endless and controlled,
Would you always act as told?

If you stopped and walked away,
What would really make you stay?

If you could have all you wanted,
Would you give up all you have?

— Janari T
15/08/2021 Inglise keel
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Your story

If you love your eternal existence.
Or survive the darkest of days.
Then relive your path of resistance.
And follow up on what it says.

We all yearn for love and respect.
We want our voices to be heard.
Each other we must not neglect.
From one another is much to be learned.

The world will tremble and fall.
If you show them the strongest of might.
Now hear the loudest of call.
And set your story straight!

— Janari T
15/08/2021 Inglise keel
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my heart to you

I'm scared of falling love
I saw darkness in her beauty
She saw beauty in my darkness
She freed me from my heart
But I'm still trapped inside of conscious

There's no way to say this poems about someone else
Every time you're not in my arms
I start to lose myself

Every night, I fell in love
But no one else could lift me high above
I don’t know what I was doing
Nowadays, I cannot find her

I want your hair , I want your disease
I want your everything as long as it's free
I want your love, love, love, love
I want your love

Trying not to freak when you look at me.
Gotta ..... Loe edasi →

— joel
11/07/2021 Armastus
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If you are smiling...

If you are smiling,
You bring me peace of happines,
and if you're laughing,
you have my life, no more or less,
we are together,
even if you are so far,
you are my woman,
I really think that it is love...

Like you have seen
this happy smile from my face,
if you are with me,
it isn't matter, if there are late,
I hold youre hand now
even if there are so cold
and I dont know, how
you are the one, who take my soul...

There's so much fun,
if we are spending time together
and if we run,
the whole world seems to be so small then,
you and me
will never wait until it ends,
we a ..... Loe edasi →

— Tarmo Selter
27/07/2021 Armastus
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I opened my door and left you outside

In sorrow I wonder,
of what will I do?
I sit here and ponder.
What happened to you?

A mask not so fitting.
Your stories not true?
So clever, so witty..
Was none of it you?

Rainy night was the one.
When you opened my door.
Asked if I was alone?
Then answered, no more.

Dark night full of nothing.
Like air was all gone.
But you, you were something.
As a light from above.

No meaning, no hope..
Nothing new yet to come.
But now there was something.
A ray of light from the sun.

In that moment I wondered,
of what else was to come?
Because of what follows,
my mind was a ..... Loe edasi →

— Janari T
11/01/2021 Inglise keel
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For you

Those eyes, that keep everything bundled inside, wishing that everything's gonna be alright,
all I really wanted was to see you smile, my dedication, my hesitation, I'm no longer blind,
cause you're my light in the sky, hoping this time I'll get it right, I'll do it with all my might
I've never been one that's liked, wish you could be here,right here, part of my life, I can't really rhyme
I have to say what I say, I'll let the swing sway, over the edge of the world, I've found myself,
thinking of you once at least every day, so I wont stop the pursuit of happiness, I threw away,
even ..... Loe edasi →

— M K
15/11/2020 Inglise keel
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My dove

I know you´ve had it tough
all the tears you´ve hid inside.
Theres no way you´re getting out of here
It´s dangerous to have been so kind.

You need to feel the wind
brushing on your cheeks.
The very touch of freedom
is the thing anyone should seek.

Fly now, my little dove
courage to live
will come from above.
Fly with your wings,
forget about the land
find a place to stand.

Do not now rest
until we´re far and gone
and all the rest will be
healed by this new dawn.

Never look back
only if you´ve forgiven.
And believe me, that
i, too, hope to make it
to the h ..... Loe edasi →

— Taavi Järv
16/10/2020 Varia
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I drink alone

I drink alone.

No matter how many
people around
i'm still alone.
No matter
how much demons i drown -
sounds of sipping whiskey
will always be
the only ones around.

I'm drinking alone.
Even if i'm not.

And walking and talking
with others
wont stop me from
living alone in my head.
Baby, sometimes
it feels like i'm walking dead.

Oh, i feel alone.
I'm all out of love.

Sometimes i feel like
the white pigeon
everyone tries
to hunt down.

I feel like a log in the river,
i'm floating with the others
but never together
would we be able to drown. ..... Loe edasi →

— Taavi Järv
16/10/2020 Varia
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Wake-up blues

Wake up, wake up
Honey, now it´s time to do
your little makeup
we´re gonna go out
right now

Wake up, wake up
honey, all we gotta do
is to make up
i don´t want to lose you
right now

Just hold on to my hand
we´re gonna make it
through this
i´ll try to make you understand
we´ve been through
worse things than this

We´ve gotta hold on to each other
you know love´s a long, bumpy road
You´ve said we shouldn´t bother
but i ain´t yet ready to let go

I know the roses are far
but they still smell so good
Baby, i need us to wake up
our dreams are getting blue ..... Loe edasi →

— Taavi Järv
11/10/2020 Armastus
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Here you lie

Here you lie
all cried-up and sad
missing some things
you never really had.

Hoping for my
mind to clear.
Don´t wait for this scum
your heaven is near.

You´ll find the joy
from all the little things around
Love is right beside you
it sneaks up without a sound.

You´ve gotta fly
right to the end of the skies.
Without regrets, no turning back
you´ve got to fly, no question "Why?"

You´ll find a love
better than me.
Healing takes some time
but one day you´ll see.

All the scars i teared on you
will heal and make you stronger.
And i think you´ll be goo ..... Loe edasi →

— Taavi Järv
11/10/2020 Armastus
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