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I have never burnt
Like this before
Should I go on with it
I'm not quite sure
But baby please
Don't let me go for good
There's something else
Now must be understood

My crown is in the Heavens
My feet are in the Earth
My heart is everywhere
While giving holy birth
You told me once
We are together in this all
I believe you now
There's no sky
From you are
Supposed to fall

/Mari Uri/

— Mari Uri
01/06/2022 Inglise keel
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Taevas ja Maa

Suitsune; mu aken on udune;
ununen; kildudeks kukub; puruneb;
Süttib põhjala; vedelen kivist põrandal;
veab, neil kes ei sündinud põdrana;
samblik lõõmamas; tunnen ennast tõprana;
inimeseks olles; iga päevane toodete koorem;
elu mis meenutab prügi kolle; nina püsti;
täitmas tähtsusetuid rolle; muundamas vorme;
õnneks on need unistused kõik meil paberist;
mõtetud mõõtmed edetabelis; kõrbeb kõik..Kõrbeb kõik..
paber millele trükitud valesid; loodud tahe; mille tõttu kardeti;
kaoses nähes nüüdseks ainsat lahendit; miski meis on valesti;
kui kaua veel; kui k .....
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— Maarjo K
29/07/2019 Vabavärss
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The ghosts are out in force tonight
silent convergence on midnight

the closes and kirks are empty
the foot of the mile is still
the Holy Rood has taken to ground
wraiths are gathering on the hill

I sat in trembling wonder
took a lashing from the rain
saw strange twinkles shaping symbols
searched for her in fever again

Two bootfulls of mud
a skinfull of water
a head full of fire
and two souls asunder

breathing stalled, I seek one out
among those milling on the crest
who holds me in her gentle thrall
though life has stilled within her .....
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— Luuletused
25/01/2013 Inglise keel
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I Love The Way You Are

Watching all the stars in the evening skies above
Just remembering the story of our love
But I swear I´ll love you forever
Love came back to me but then it faded away
Faded into the shadows of yesterday
Why can´t we stay together
Our love was made in heaven,girl it´s so true
And there´ll never be another you
Girl,please understand

But I love the way you are and I love the way you smile
You make my heart beat fast and you drive me wild
I wish you could be here with me

But I love the way you are and you´re always in my heart
But time will show when we can try .....
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— Luuletused
09/01/2013 Inglise keel
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Christmas Greetings 1941

I walk the silent, Christmas-snowy path,
that goes across the homeland in its suffering.
At each doorstep I would like to bend my knee:
there is no house without mourning.

The spark of anger flickers in sorrow's ashes,
the mind is hard with anger, with pain tender:
there is no way of being pure as Christmas
on this white, pure-as-Christmas path.

Alas, to have to live such stony instants,
to carry on one's heart a coffin lid!
Not even tears will come any more -
that gift of mercy has run out as well.

I'm like someone rowing backwards:
eyes permanently set on past -
backwards, yes - yet reach ..... Loe edasi →

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Eigth Elegy

Infinite progressions of blue gradually shade
into an Estonian childhood, my father's eyes,
the fragrant beehive of a paneled veranda
where I caught first the form of radiant windows
and my language, Finno-Ugric, not Indo-European,
a marvel of music and breathtaking brevity.
The same vowel harmonies took me later
to the labyrinthine lakes of Finland
which mirror similar constellations of the soul,
where just a transparency separates
heaven from earth, salmon leap
right through your heart, and you soon know
where the world ends and how and why.
A piece of ice tells it, so does polished glass,
b .....
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— Ivar Ivask
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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P. B. Shelley'le

Poiss mängis põrgut üksipäini
Poiss kes ei uskund jumalust
Vaid selle loaga koju jäigi
et ta ei teeks mõnd rumalust

Poiss mängis üksi mängupõrgus
Ei lõhkunud ei lärmanud
Ta mängus sügavus ja kõrgus
Kõik mida elus märganud

Saand vanemailt kes kodust lahkund
vaid üksi koju jääda loa
kõik vallandus mis tasse mahtund
Poiss mängis põrgut tühjas toas


— Doris Kareva
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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For you

Those eyes, that keep everything bundled inside, wishing that everything's gonna be alright,
all I really wanted was to see you smile, my dedication, my hesitation, I'm no longer blind,
cause you're my light in the sky, hoping this time I'll get it right, I'll do it with all my might
I've never been one that's liked, wish you could be here,right here, part of my life, I can't really rhyme
I have to say what I say, I'll let the swing sway, over the edge of the world, I've found myself,
thinking of you once at least every day, so I wont stop the pursuit of happiness, I threw away,
even .....
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— M K
15/11/2020 Inglise keel
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My dove

I know you´ve had it tough
all the tears you´ve hid inside.
Theres no way you´re getting out of here
It´s dangerous to have been so kind.

You need to feel the wind
brushing on your cheeks.
The very touch of freedom
is the thing anyone should seek.

Fly now, my little dove
courage to live
will come from above.
Fly with your wings,
forget about the land
find a place to stand.

Do not now rest
until we´re far and gone
and all the rest will be
healed by this new dawn.

Never look back
only if you´ve forgiven.
And believe me, that
i, too, hope to make it
to the h .....
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— Taavi Järv
16/10/2020 Varia
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Here you lie

Here you lie
all cried-up and sad
missing some things
you never really had.

Hoping for my
mind to clear.
Don´t wait for this scum
your heaven is near.

You´ll find the joy
from all the little things around
Love is right beside you
it sneaks up without a sound.

You´ve gotta fly
right to the end of the skies.
Without regrets, no turning back
you´ve got to fly, no question "Why?"

You´ll find a love
better than me.
Healing takes some time
but one day you´ll see.

All the scars i teared on you
will heal and make you stronger.
And i think you´ll be goo .....
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— Taavi Järv
11/10/2020 Armastus
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Lips of an angel

i almost drank my life away
i couldn´t stand another day
with all this guilt i feel.

i almost put a bullet
between my own two eyes.
You couldn´t see but i´m
a real self-loather inside.

I drink and destruct
my self-balance´s disrupt.
Because i kissed
the lips of an angel.

Inside i feel you shined
a light to my hell
and all i ever want
is for my soul
to touch the lips
of an angel.

I´ve seen so many places
and seen so many faces
but all i ever felt was numb.

You took away my hatred
and gave me a sense of trust.
Now you´ve gone forever
and yo .....
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— Taavi Järv
09/10/2020 Armastus
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Everytime you´re like a wild rose by the evening light
Everytime you´re like an angel in the morning twilight
There´s always a goddess in your tender lovely eyes
Everytime you´re like a bird flying alone in the lover´s sky
And your beauty won´t fade away, I swear it´s no lie
There´s always something special about your smile

You are so beautiful, I must tell the world about you
You are so beautiful, believe me it´s so true

You are a wild angel just for me
You are my symphony
You are a wild angel just for me
You are my destiny

Everytime you´re like a wild rose to me n .....
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— DarkMystery
29/04/2013 Armastus
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