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I´ve been naked before You,
Multiple times...
No, I´m not thinking just stripped,
I mean real naked, like fears, hopes, all the things I´ve never told anyone before...
You knew me best, and You´ll never know the rest...

I guess, the fear was bigger, than the rest...
I guess, thats the way of those who always rest,
never take chances,
and never be the best...

-Janek V.

— vilkoit
21/12/2015 Inglise keel
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forbidden story

These words, which he then said

then the next moment all that was swept away.

these moments, which he stored all of me

when the words on my lips were the way to go.

These wishes, which he held

if all that was lost and now I am standing in the rain.

these cries in him, which said only one,

when I did not listen to the raindrops and stupidly gave up.

Those of his beloved, innocent eyes that won me over,

If I no longer lived in darkness and the light was seen.

These three words that came to his lips,

When I just looked and my hand spurged.

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— Ingrid M. Susi
28/03/2022 Armastus
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Fake friends

Every day when i think of my life,
the people called "friends" have been stabing me with a knife.

They talk behind me by knowing all but shit,
who's the one i can share my problems with..

In front of you they could be nice,
But its same as playing with a dice.

They still bully you untill you die,
they lie...and lie... and lie...

But there's one friend, who never lets you down,
With this friend, you'll never be alone

So keep in your mind and don't be blind,

Aleksander Karabtšuk

— Aleks
11/12/2011 Inglise keel
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