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A Heart Full Of Little Fluffy Butterflies

I have poison in my veins,
I feel it pumping, I’m not the same.
My heart keeps whispering your name
And you can hear it but you’re oceans away.

How do you read my soul?
I thought it was secret, you know...
As a day into a night you’ve grown
Close to my heart, where wind used to blow.

I’m sorry but your eyes
Look like the starlit skies.
You bring a fire into mine
And my heart is full of little fluffy butterflies.

I smile and I smile
Thinking back to our time.
Your kisses, unable to deny,
Give me my wings to fly.

I’m scared to feel this way,
Not going to lie. ..... Loe edasi →

— Eva Pärnits
15/09/2011 Inglise keel
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For you

Those eyes, that keep everything bundled inside, wishing that everything's gonna be alright,
all I really wanted was to see you smile, my dedication, my hesitation, I'm no longer blind,
cause you're my light in the sky, hoping this time I'll get it right, I'll do it with all my might
I've never been one that's liked, wish you could be here,right here, part of my life, I can't really rhyme
I have to say what I say, I'll let the swing sway, over the edge of the world, I've found myself,
thinking of you once at least every day, so I wont stop the pursuit of happiness, I threw away,
even ..... Loe edasi →

— M K
15/11/2020 Inglise keel
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No Verbal Admiration

I feel out of place,
There’s room for two in my space.
My heart’s big but still
Your share it will not fill.
You’ve always been missing
No matter who I’ve been kissing.
They’ve been like sprinklers
But I know you’re the storm.
Their inadequacy has left splinters
To where my love is born.

I’m a stray cat in the rain.
No roof, just paws in pain.
What’s left is a gram of faith...
You’ve no idea how I’m this frail.

Don’t tell me I’m beautiful,
Don’t tell me I’m cool.
Tell me and it’s our funeral,
Just stay with me and I’ll stay with you.
Your ..... Loe edasi →

— Eva Pärnits
15/09/2011 Inglise keel
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