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The ignorance

Draw the heart, and embrace the photo.
Feeling exploited, I burned the pulps.
From matches emerges a forest fire.
Getting scared, the water appears.
Around the jungle arises the river.

Beautiful blossom flower trees and sun,
Turned into cold ashes after hotness as fire.
Now everything is messed up.
I am a mess, an idiot and a loser
I can trust none around us.

Pretty sure his losing affection.
I can't fondness myself, I am embarrassed.
I burned the forest and tore the infatuation.
How can I forgive myself when I hurt them.
The therapist said, take a sapling
and spread the em .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
23/11/2022 Inglise keel
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I opened my door and left you outside

In sorrow I wonder,
of what will I do?
I sit here and ponder.
What happened to you?

A mask not so fitting.
Your stories not true?
So clever, so witty..
Was none of it you?

Rainy night was the one.
When you opened my door.
Asked if I was alone?
Then answered, no more.

Dark night full of nothing.
Like air was all gone.
But you, you were something.
As a light from above.

No meaning, no hope..
Nothing new yet to come.
But now there was something.
A ray of light from the sun.

In that moment I wondered,
of what else was to come?
Because of what follows,
my mind was a .....
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— Janari T
11/01/2021 Inglise keel
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In the shadows

I'we lived in shadows,
all my life.
I'we waited light,
to shine so bright.

To cast the veil,
from my dark life.
And lift me up,
to see the light.

I might seem cruel.
And out of mind.
I might have claws.
That tare your kind.

But even when,
there is but night.
A light will shine.
Through all that hate.

Your touch, your skin,
your glow without sin.
Your beauty,
that comes from within.

It heals my wounds.
It clears my skin.
It takes me up.
To shine my sins.

— Janari T
12/10/2018 Inglise keel
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Telefonini küündimas
Juba valimas Sinu numbrit
mida ma enam ei tea, aga püüdes leida seoseid numbrite vahel
Samal ajal kõrvaklappidest laulmas Sting "If you love someone set them free"

Mu unenägudes oleme palju helistanud
Pikki telefonikõnesid teinud
Aga millegi pärast on see alati juhtunud siis kui päike on loojunud
nagu saladuses, salajas elamine
et meid ei nähtaks, kuuldaks, teataks

Teadvused räägivad enda eest

Kui Sa oleksid toru teises otsas, küsiksin,
kuidas läheb, kaua läheb, millal jõuad?
ja kas üldse tahad jõuda?
Kas tahaksid minuni ulat .....
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— Zero
27/05/2022 Absurd
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Who's who

Biggest nazi on these days
biggest danger biggest threat
Putin walks on nazi ways
Sergei is only faithful pet

Against the russians they own will
he sends the soldiers brother-kill
he doesnt think he doesnt care
what is the cost you have to clear

Russian nation big and proud
please dont play and take him down
take his insane smile and crown
russian peole big and proud

Russian mates you need no war
take him jail and slam the door
there is no need to kill your friends
you better take him- and that ends

Whos the nazi- its the word
that means someone against some will
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— Rein Asugram
26/02/2022 Kategooriata
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Over the garden the moons tide tumbles;
Shrubs are shaken by gusts and tremblings;
Pathways ribbon with sudden dissemblings
Towards the threshold where false foot stumbles.
Out of the soil of midnight, tender,
Lift my arms white tendrils and, weaving,
Motion to someone shadowy and absent,
Someone who tarries somewhere, perhaps may not be existent.

Oh, do I fear the days of torrid splendour,
Nights full of flowers? Oh, do I fear when I see that
These would not yield to the ultimate depths of my choosing?
My heart is breaking little by little
As a ripe pomegranate, skin parched brittle,
Breaks: ..... Loe edasi →

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Christmas Greetings 1941

I walk the silent, Christmas-snowy path,
that goes across the homeland in its suffering.
At each doorstep I would like to bend my knee:
there is no house without mourning.

The spark of anger flickers in sorrow's ashes,
the mind is hard with anger, with pain tender:
there is no way of being pure as Christmas
on this white, pure-as-Christmas path.

Alas, to have to live such stony instants,
to carry on one's heart a coffin lid!
Not even tears will come any more -
that gift of mercy has run out as well.

I'm like someone rowing backwards:
eyes permanently set on past -
backwards, yes - yet reach ..... Loe edasi →

— Marie Under
08/12/2021 Kategooriata
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Loneliest alone

Moonlight is what I see.
When I go to sleep at night.
Someone else I want to be.
For that, I will have to fight!

When I walked the path alone.
I wanted someone to be mine.
But when you'we had a home.
It gets lonelier every time.

— Janari T
15/08/2021 Inglise keel
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my heart to you

I'm scared of falling love
I saw darkness in her beauty
She saw beauty in my darkness
She freed me from my heart
But I'm still trapped inside of conscious

There's no way to say this poems about someone else
Every time you're not in my arms
I start to lose myself

Every night, I fell in love
But no one else could lift me high above
I don’t know what I was doing
Nowadays, I cannot find her

I want your hair , I want your disease
I want your everything as long as it's free
I want your love, love, love, love
I want your love

Trying not to freak when you look at me.
Gotta .....
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— joel
11/07/2021 Armastus
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broken heart

My heart is broken
I happy that u found
Someone that u love
And i hope he will to best for you
You deserve better than u got
I never received the broken heart
I just the man or poetic for you
And I am nervous around you
You make me feel happy if I hear you Voice or see you or writing to you
Well I really happy and sad at same time
I really think that you are cute , lovely , hot , smart , beautiful I never noticed that you have
so beautiful eyes and you really beautiful and my heart melting when I see your when
I thinking about something else then I can't really think
I .....
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— joel
22/05/2019 Armastus
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Feelings for you and your are cute and best girl

I wish you knew the way I felt
Everytime I looked at you
I wish you knew my heart worlds melt
When I thought me and you
I wish you knew the pain you cause
When you chose to love someone new
I was about to tell you but I paused
When I tried to say
" I like you" ????

— joel
01/04/2019 Inglise keel
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Happy anniversary dear

I know I say “I love you” all the time, but that’s not enough. Those three words can’t describe the way I feel about you. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you and I don’t think I will ever love someone this much again. You’re everything I have ever wanted and needed. I love you so much, you’re my everything, my entire heart and world. You make me feel beautiful. Thank you for giving me so much more than I ever could have wanted. I am so thankful for what we have, and for every thing we will have. You are the only man I ever want to share my life with. No matter how ..... Loe edasi →

— Deby Kais
11/11/2018 Armastus
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My love is mine

I have finally found my love
and it's my true one.
I don't wanna be gone,
so I escaped with a broken car.

I found an abandoned city,
so I parked there.
It was so sad here,
I felt nothing but pity.

For so long I searched for help
before I lost my strenght,
I screamed with all my breath,
I'm scared that, my heart was already melt.

I heard something, far away,
but something, was in my way.
Then I saw someone,
was he the one?

He is coming to me,
I'm so scared right now.
Wait, now I know,
he is the only one, for me.

We kissed,
my heart is fixed,
I'm stronger, than .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
07/04/2018 Armastus
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I hear someone is desperate,
desperate for more,
desperate for something that don`t serve anymore.

I´m too, desperate for something
something for more.
something myself don´t know anymore.

- Janek V. 14122015

— vilkoit
14/12/2015 Inglise keel
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I hate the categories like
Something’s wrong and something’s right
I don’t know neither law nor moral
Don’t go by bible or by choral.
I want the life to be in flower,
To „carpe diem“ every hour.
We’re rational and get things done
But when it comes to having fun
We do not act as is our due
and deviate from habitude
Skipping acroanesthesia
of felinophiles
yet in our rhapsodys
we can feel the vibes
What i don’t like is insincereness
And with this song i’ll try to be less:
Was scared that some day i’d back out
Like young and temerous boyscout
A .....
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— palanis
18/06/2015 Inglise keel
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Christmas in Never Ever Land

There´s no snow behind his window
There´s no warmth in fireplace
Bowl of gingerbreads on table
But no flavor and no taste

He can hear the church bells ringing
And the carols from afar
Someone´s calling him and singing
Come and get your gift, my love

It´s christmas in the Netherlands
It´s christmas in New York
But in the Never Ever Land
There are no merry dwarfs

It´s christmas in the fairytale
It´s christmas in my song
And even from the christmas sales
One could bring some along

Christmas eves are filled with laughter
Holy nights are filled with joy
But the Neve .....
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— palanis
18/06/2015 Jõululuuletused
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What is Love?

Oh dear, tell me
What is Love?
Why doesn't it let me be?
Someone once told,
that love has a color
and is made of gold.
If i fall in Love,
is my soul sold?

Oh dear, tell me
What is Love
and where does it go?
Why does it disappear,
when you do so?

— Kirss b
07/02/2015 Inglise keel
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Sometimes it's hard to see how the sun goes down, if you want to keep it;
if you want that someone or something does not go away.
Sometimes it's hard to hear the distant steps, if I don't want him to leave;
when you need him and want to see him beside you.

This is because you want to remain the sun and him with you forever

Sometimes it's hard to see how out of hand things disappear, if you want to keep them;
if you want to they did show you the way.
Sometimes it's hard to hear that he doesn't love you, if you do;
if you love him and want to be with him.

This is because you .....
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— Ingrid M. Susi
06/05/2013 Kategooriata
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The Ride

So much love
we use to hold
but he put out the fire
and left me cold.
He took his love
gave it away
when all I wanted
was for him to stay.
I tried to move on
with someone new
what else was I
supposed to do?
He came back
and didn't know
I saw his face
and wished he’d go.
Now my love
is kept a hush
trying to believe
it was just a crush.
And when we meet again
which I’m sure we will
all that was
will be there still.
I’ll let him pass
hold my breath
so he will think
there’s no love left.
But he will know
this is a lie
my feelings .....
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— Luuletused
09/01/2013 Inglise keel
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