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Slow mornings

If slow mornings are buzy
As buzy,
Your head is spinning and dizzy...
Cross your fingers
And trust -
'Cause Spirit knows wishes
Not must.


— Mari Uri
04/04/2023 Inglise keel
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I´ve been naked before You,
Multiple times...
No, I´m not thinking just stripped,
I mean real naked, like fears, hopes, all the things I´ve never told anyone before...
You knew me best, and You´ll never know the rest...

I guess, the fear was bigger, than the rest...
I guess, thats the way of those who always rest,
never take chances,
and never be the best...

-Janek V.

— vilkoit
21/12/2015 Inglise keel
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Cross On Spiders

There was a cross
On every spider 
Who I came
Noone told me
To look out for
Misery plus loss

Let's make it simple
Make it safe
Make it sweet
And sound
'Cause all I have 
Dropped in a hallway
In the bedroom 
I have found

Believe in faith
Have trust in love 
And wish for best of luck
Have dignity
Keep potence
And please
Do not give a fuck


— Mari Uri
04/04/2023 Inglise keel
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The ignorance

Draw the heart, and embrace the photo.
Feeling exploited, I burned the pulps.
From matches emerges a forest fire.
Getting scared, the water appears.
Around the jungle arises the river.

Beautiful blossom flower trees and sun,
Turned into cold ashes after hotness as fire.
Now everything is messed up.
I am a mess, an idiot and a loser
I can trust none around us.

Pretty sure his losing affection.
I can't fondness myself, I am embarrassed.
I burned the forest and tore the infatuation.
How can I forgive myself when I hurt them.
The therapist said, take a sapling
and spread the em .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
23/11/2022 Inglise keel
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If you want..

I just need some time
to think straight once,
just leave me alone,
I need time in my own space,
thinking back to the past,
when my momma used to hold me.
Why didn't you told me,
To have love,
I have to get hurt,
to go through the pain,
If I want to be loved by others,
I have to change for them,
If I want trust,
I have to give some away.
Why didn't none told me,
If I want love, have to go through the pain,
If I want love, I have to change.
Everyone asking how am I,
I say okay, but isn't what we all say?
I miss the old you,
I wish to have momma,
I wish to be loved,
Why do .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
20/01/2021 Inglise keel
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My dove

I know you´ve had it tough
all the tears you´ve hid inside.
Theres no way you´re getting out of here
It´s dangerous to have been so kind.

You need to feel the wind
brushing on your cheeks.
The very touch of freedom
is the thing anyone should seek.

Fly now, my little dove
courage to live
will come from above.
Fly with your wings,
forget about the land
find a place to stand.

Do not now rest
until we´re far and gone
and all the rest will be
healed by this new dawn.

Never look back
only if you´ve forgiven.
And believe me, that
i, too, hope to make it
to the h .....
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— Taavi Järv
16/10/2020 Varia
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Lips of an angel

i almost drank my life away
i couldn´t stand another day
with all this guilt i feel.

i almost put a bullet
between my own two eyes.
You couldn´t see but i´m
a real self-loather inside.

I drink and destruct
my self-balance´s disrupt.
Because i kissed
the lips of an angel.

Inside i feel you shined
a light to my hell
and all i ever want
is for my soul
to touch the lips
of an angel.

I´ve seen so many places
and seen so many faces
but all i ever felt was numb.

You took away my hatred
and gave me a sense of trust.
Now you´ve gone forever
and yo .....
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— Taavi Järv
09/10/2020 Armastus
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Broken soul

I have been hurt sense i got sisters
nobody really understands,
what i go through everyday.
I cry to sleep every night.

You dont see my hurt yet,
cuz i never show it.
Letting you think am alright,
can you see me right through?

Am all alone in my mess.
I can tell you my pain,
but it dosen't take the pressure off my chest.
I live with a broken soul.

I cut myself to feel the actual pain.
I had love, what broke me,
now i have no trust against boys,
cuz he broke me along with my childhood.

You can try to fix me or cheer me up
It's never gonna help,
cuz the pain is too re .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
15/06/2020 Inglise keel
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I love my kindergarden friend

You know me from kindergarten,
You held me in that garden.
You cared about me each day,
We were together every day.

We played, we laughed together,
we were made for each other.
When I moved out,
You cried out loud.

You cried almost a week,
but sorry, that I was weak.
Then I saw you in a next school,
I fell in love with you,
at volleyball practice.
You noticed, that I have something on you.

Then we talked and we got closer,
every day, we got closer than ever.
I started to trust and tell you everything,
to me, you are my heart, my life.

One day, I hoped to be your wife .....
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— YooniBunz Bunny
07/04/2018 Armastus
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It was not so long time ago,
when my sky did shed its skin.
World collapsed and crushed everything I held so dear,
I did felt, that end was near.

Anger goes its own way, and probably this sadness too,
You know, You´ve got Your lesson,
not to fuck around, with peoples person!
Walk Your path and let me be.

You know I held You,
like no one before,
You know I Loved You,
like maybe no one after...

But theres still hope and a dream,
of a red headed Queen,
Who do have a heart of unbelievable burn
I am willing to trust and maybe to fall, for Her beautiful call. - Janek V.

— vilkoit
10/12/2015 Inglise keel
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Shared the nights and cigarettes

When I first saw you in that restaurant
Thought you were acting pretty arrogant
I didn’t find you first that elegant
But it was very soon irrelevant
Cause I don’t want to be a lady
I think I’m rather a ladette
As the moments of false modesty were fading
I found another packet cigarettes

We shared the nights and cigarettes Not one of those I don’t regret Not one of those I won’t forget I keep in mind your silhouette

Up in the hotel room, down by the river
Irrespective of the clime extremely warm
The first night already you gave me the shivers
And the second .....
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— palanis
18/06/2015 Inglise keel
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There was a hidden meaning in every word I ever said to you and you should know what is true
About the thing called love you´re a real heartbreaker and you broke my heart into two
I´m feeling so lonely through the night,lying in my bed
I will follow the moon in the midnight hour and I will see tonight a wild wild rose on black lace
Found myself lonely drowning in my tears,this time anymore I can´t trust your pretty face
I´m feeling sadness over you through the day,I´m feeling so sad
It would take me forever to find a place where my heart belongs
I´m tired of sadness and I´m tire .....
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— Gärry
15/11/2011 Armastus
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