tsitaat Ära mine sinna, kuhu rada viib. Mine selle asemel sinna, kus rada ei ole ja saa teerajajaks. tsitaat Anonüümne


god of the rap its a wrap king of the rap its no crap both GOING to roth till death and what will wealth them more than sure health and God help they can do us great wait ...out of sight its like bikes trike and bites like punches mike or cat tastes mice and what else is nice roll the dice they show shiny glow of their figures flow they grow some dome of my own make me feel im no clown and i know when i say yo i add a bo nus for your globus to show i am a rapper also. Thats the way God and King say Going like young mindblowing mc wanna sing go with wings hold your things it brings some sins you win and need no pin to get you in to brain within your a gin you super thin with your thin thin thinking and rap gods ring would be the best thing to wear on my fing it would ling and bling so you blink and blind to that shine from mine which is now theirs and mine never dyin maybe cryin with no wining old busters supposed to be happy and freak so turn your best cheek weak so i could do it neath with slow bleech and then smile like cheech with my phatfunky teeth also lay a beat to play it may say hehehehey no grey at all so ball ill call no wall i shall dance with girl so tall you eat halls and myntons and yell yall i fall so im your boobs tall go to mall buy me some platform shoes and all then i call and we can boogie all night long smoke bong go on with new song called never bored that assures Lord makes you yawn so what you calm press palm against your ear swear you hear earthquakelike sphere beware your prayre is its not really there so damn we care everywhere and even share shit like get a sense of humour id laugh over my asstumour its a rumour but still funny like a dinosaur toure that junk to minimal youll get a sinical minianimal who too goes whoohoo volume babyghosts boo flip it and you scare your ghost out of you backing up bouncing heels on the ground too while smile gently from fear like it usually appears!

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