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ode to hip hop

I've decided to take destiny into my own hands
You probably can't understand but for me life is bland
And I have this constant hollow feeling
Days are cold, dark and filled with sorrow
Raining clouds from under my ceiling
Dealing with it all would take a person very strong
By the time you hear this I will be gone
Along with my existence will be a way of life for many
I gave some substance, knowledge
And in returned was used to make a petty penny
They've defeated my purpose, deleted my work
Cheated me, seated me underground and wound up bringing me to the surface
They corrupted my image, made me a negative influence
This shady world has been abusive ever since I came into it
Put here with no role models, no one to follow
I've been contorted, aborted, recorded distorted shorted
I forfeit against life, I'm a morbid maniac
Forced off this rough course, breaking the boards and making my own doors
So don't be sad when I leave because I know this is right
I can't take it, I can't fake it, I'm sick of life
I carried people through hard times and thought they were my friends
But they only stayed close to me cause it was the trend
And when I'm gone, no one will miss me
A few years will go by important people will die
And y'all will forget me
I hope the children will be alright without a proper guide
To all my loved ones and followers
Peace out at least I tried


I ain't what I used to be so don't shed a tear from your windows
I died a long time ago this just makes it official (2x)

[Verse 2: Eyedea]

I hip hop, being of sound mind and body
Hereby request that my few prized possessions go to the following
Swallowing the facts that may be whacked by the track
Still beauty stands from stained hands and knapsacks filled with aerosol cans and fat caps
My abstract artistic energy must continue
To influence and embody the cats that are dedicated to ruining white walls
With creative strokes of imagination in the paint (splash)
I leave all my physical strength to the guardians of the floor
With their arms locked in a b-boy stance
Enhancing the culture to the more ultra-advanced acrobatical expression
Yes indeed when I leave, my presence will exist in the style
Of the few true but who knew
Smiles will persist with the changing mood
I leave my mood to the...
Musicians, turntablists, and wicked wizards of needles dusty sampling tangible vibe setting rhythm scientists
It's my verbal aspect of me that goes to those riding, vocalizing
Poetical hybrids of life and excitement
Language of the tongue
I offer all my offspring the official mission towards society
The gift of words come and get you some
Yeah the gift of words come get you some
And my positivity, creativity, originality, and history should be spread equally over all that is mentioned above
Along with my many styles, aggression, knowledge, evolution, solution, revolution, tolerance, and love

— Maarjo K
27/03/2019 Inglise keel


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Maarjo K

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Vabanemine Teadaolevast Kotka Lennu Ainus Suund Seistes Silmitsi Maailma Kriisiga.

...once a Queen..always a creep.


  • Autor: Mäster Kuus (Maarjo K)
  • Lisatud: 27/03/2019 04:30
  • Kategooria: Inglise keel
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