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Warm up

I dont know how to start..
How to take part
Just need create some art...
Ok, I use my smart and heart.
Looking directsion east-west-north-south
I find both my mind and my mouth
Its time to show what i know.
AK is area to make some hysteria.
World never have been seen me in screen to feel.
Yee i feel now calm and motivated
I go rap stated

Yo my rich lips picks clips, when i am sick in mic like politic trick. Money focus wick split another hit. I give all six chicks lick my dick, they all my choose, why never lose that game other foolsh. Fix. Thats my life new rule. Hangin motocycle crew. Do'n joint, feel'n screw, and then another time relax, no text and ear plugs blues. No make excuse, because ther no man who get view soo deep how to lose. BOOM. When i take u girlefriend date prome, and same time I leave'n you, so do best u can, masturbate home alone. I have own night plan, bed nav' like tarzan, I drink coctail, she strip hotel, latex, after that too late text you ex. She eyeless, but no violence, mate relax, put contax, we only fly once i mean one time sex and then i have time to choose next girl, I just use my player codex when i pick "silens" whor. Cause I am real alfa, all germans says "shaisha" . Estonian "vahi seda raiska". But most story is mix to fiction, i have ryhme making addictsion when i working full time constructsion. Im 20-23 Picasso, i mean lyricly filo-sausa. Raping my inductsio, my stress prodectsio, only playn mind and us'n erectsio projectsio.Dont be naive, thats flow i use relieve, the pain u belive to disaine new idea. Cause i am therapy effect, mind architect. Evry word is select perficly correct, do make you brain progress. And ever expext somthing less. Im out, yess.

— AK
26/11/2023 Kategooriata


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  • Autor: AK
  • Lisatud: 26/11/2023 07:09
  • Kategooria: Kategooriata
  • Vaatamisi täna: 0
  • Vaatamisi kokku: 266
  • Kopeeritud: 2

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